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Here at Elite Decks, we have been proudly offering impeccable home remodeling and deck builder services to folks from Easley South Carolina for generations. Our team of experts specializes in constructing custom decks, railings and pathways that meet all existing safety regulations and construction codes. With a profound knowledge of the materials used by us, we guarantee durable structures with captivating visuals that are sure to enhance any property’s aesthetic appeal!

Enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor area while providing essential protection with our specialized deck staining services. We can help safeguard your space from water damage, sun exposure, wood rot, and discoloration to keep it looking beautiful for years to come! In addition to deck building services, we offer this comprehensive solution.

At Elite Decks in Easley, we strive to make sure our customers are always satisfied with the services provided – ensuring both aesthetics and functionality. Safety is of utmost importance as well, so you can rest assured that your outdoor space will be secure while allowing for a tranquil escape from everyday life. Our goal is to assist you in making use of your outdoor area for years to come!

About Us

At Elite Decks in Easley, we specialize in adding dimension and life to outdoor spaces. Our certified and licensed craftsmen can create custom decks that meet all building codes, safety standards, and your own imagination! In addition to the deck installation service that we offer, there is also specialized staining for protection purposes. The stainings are specifically formulated for decks so as to prevent water damage from seeping into wood or other materials which can cause rot or discoloration over time due to sun exposure. With our team of specialists at your disposal you know you’ll be getting a quality build with lasting results every single time!

Elite Decks is dedicated to delivering exceptional home renovation services at an accessible price. Furthermore, we prioritize safety in all our projects, guaranteeing that you and your family can enjoy your outdoor living space with peace of mind. As a special bonus, we provide a Cool Deck option for concrete surfaces so that everyone can fondly bask in the summer sun without scorching their feet! If you’re looking for dependable and premium-grade home renovation services, look no further than Elite Decks!

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    Our Deck Services

    Elite Decks in Easley is your go-to team for magnificent and practical outdoor areas. Our highly trained designers are equipped with the expertise to create wrap-around decks, custom railings, and screened porches using only the best materials available – guaranteeing strength as well as endurance.

    We are experts when it comes to staining wooden and composite decks, applying the perfect coat of stain tailored for your deck’s protection from both sunrays and water exposure. Plus, if you wish, we can employ specialized materials that will help keep your deck cool during even the hottest summer days!

    Safety is paramount for us, so we make certain all our decks meet building codes and safety regulations. Our team strives to comprehend each customer’s vision and diligently works towards bringing it into reality with rapidity and expertise. Additionally, since only the best materials from Easley are utilized in every project, you can rest assured that no matter its size or scope, the outcome will be of superior quality.

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    Composite Decking

    Composite decking is a superior choice for outdoor decks due to its strength, resistance to fading and staining, wide selection of colors, and environmental-friendly nature. While it may have a higher initial cost than traditional wood decks, the long-term savings from fewer repairs makes it an excellent investment. With only occasional cleaning needed as maintenance care for your composite decking, you can enjoy its durability in all weather conditions season after season!

    Wood Decking

    For a classic, elegant look in your backyard or patio area, opt for wood decking. Its hardwood texture and available stain choices give it an upscale vibe that can’t be replicated by other materials. Not to mention, wood decking is ultra-durable and requires minimal upkeep to preserve its appearance. Just treat the timber with sealant periodically in order to protect against weather damage over time. Investing in this type of outdoor floor will guarantee you have a stunning space for years down the line!

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    Deck Staining

    Give your wood deck a totally new and modernized look by having it professionally stained. This process involves saturating the top layer of the wood fibers with stain, which can alter its color to create an elegant style that complements any property! Not only does professional staining enhance beauty but also provides protection against weather damage like rot or fading. To have maximum results and lasting protection, hire professionals to treat and seal your newly-stained deck. By investing in deck staining services, you can immediately transform the look of your wood deck and create an outdoor oasis that will be enjoyable for many years to come.

    Pool Decking

    A sophisticated and practical way to keep your pool area looking great is to add a stylish pool decking. Not only does it create a safe passage from the water, but you can also use it for arranging furniture or pergolas. Additionally, its size is customizable according to what suits your needs and taste best! To further protect the concrete underneath from any damage due to weathering or wear, consider applying Cool Deck coating which will ensure that this addition remains in excellent condition over time. Transform your outdoor space into an exquisite oasis with pool decking!

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    A custom-built pergola or arbor could be the perfect addition to your outdoor living space. Add elegance and shade while creating a soothing cabana atmosphere in which you can store patio furniture, pool toys, and more. Our team will design it with varying levels of visibility – just right for the size of area that works best for you! With our expertise, these structures can be set up any place: on a deck or open field – giving them unparalleled versatility when adding charm to your outside oasis. So if you’re looking for an idyllic spot to relax outdoors and enjoy some sun then look no further than getting a beautiful pergola or arbor installed!


    Screened Porches

    If you’re longing to take in the beauty of nature from inside your home, look no further than a screened porch – it’s ideal for those looking for both luxury and convenience. The screen will keep bugs away as you spruce up your outdoor area with furniture, plants, and decorations. Plus, temperature control is much better than taking an outdoor seat directly; so whatever the weather throws at you outside won’t bother your comfortability indoors! Transform your backyard into a luxurious indoor escape with just one simple installation: that of a screened porch.

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    Easley Deck Builder

    Ready to spruce up your backyard? Our team of professional home renovators and deck builders here in Easley, SC can help! Whether you need a little bit of inspiration or advice on the best choices for your outdoor space, our experts are here for you.

    Plus, getting that free quote is easy – just fill out our contact form online and we’ll get back in touch promptly. Don’t wait – upgrade your living area with top-notch services today!