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Elite Decks in Greer is proud to be a locally owned and operated, multi-generational home renovation company and deck builder with certified and highly skilled craftsmen. Our team of professionals understand the value of quality deck building, so we always make sure that every project meets our standards for excellence. We are passionate about helping you bring your vision for an outdoor space to life – from stunning solutions to lengthy durability! With Elite Decks in Greer leading the way, you can rest assured knowing your deck will stand up against anything life throws its way.

Our team of experts are committed to helping you bring your outdoor space vision to life. With years of experience under our belts, we offer custom wrap-around decks, intricate railings and unique waterways that will transform your home into a one-of-a kind oasis. Plus, all work is checked for safety and building code compliance; so you can rest assured knowing that each project has been carefully vetted before completion.

Not only can we craft stunning decks from the ground up, but our professional team is also adept at staining services that provide lasting protection for wood and other materials. Our experts use specialized stains specifically tailored for a variety of surfaces to guard against water damage or sun exposure. These protective coatings help prevent discoloration and wood rot so you can rest assured your investment will stay preserved in its original condition for years ahead.

At Elite Decks in Greer, we leverage our decades of multigenerational expertise in home renovation projects to ensure that you receive reliable and exceptional deck building services. We guarantee a high-quality outcome for all aspects – aesthetics and functionality alike – making sure that your outdoor living space is safe and pleasurable into the future as well as now. Trust us to exceed expectations with every project!

About Us

At Elite Decks in Greer, our team of specialized professionals are here to help with any deck-related project. Whether you’re looking for custom construction or the repair and maintenance of an existing one, we can ensure that your outdoor living space is tailored to meet your exact needs and preferences. We also offer a variety of services such as staining and installing cool deck finishes which keep concrete cooler during those hot summer days. Let our experienced team create the perfect dream deck just for you!

With us, you can create the perfect outdoor space for your family to enjoy. From simple and low platform decks with railings to elaborate designs, our experienced crew will construct it all! Utilizing only premier quality materials that guarantee a long-lasting deck with outstanding workmanship -all at an honest price. Rest assured we prioritize quality over quantity; trust us as your reliable source for constructing beautiful designed spaces that increase value and overall appeal of your home!

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    Our Deck Services

    At Elite Decks in Greer, we take pride in constructing remarkable outdoor spaces that are both beautiful and efficient. Our seasoned team has extensive knowledge of constructing wrap-around decks, custom railings, as well as low-level platforms with the finest materials available for increased strength and longevity. We also specialize in staining wood & composite decking to protect it from intense sunlight or water contact which can cause rotting or other damages. Moreover, if you want a cool surface during summertime then our technicians are proficiently trained to use specialized material so that everyone around your home could relish comfort throughout all seasons!

    Our team is devoted to understanding your grand designs for the outdoors, and partnering with you to make sure that all safety regulations are abided by. We guarantee timely execution of your project within budget, utilizing only superior materials from Greer, SC. No matter how big or intricate your design may be, our expertise and proficiency will certainly bring it into fruition.

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    Composite Decking

    For an easy-care, sturdy deck option that won’t sacrifice style, look no further than composite decking. This savvy selection requires minimal care compared to wood alternatives; it’s resistant to all types of weather and doesn’t necessitate sanding or staining for maintenance. And if you’re eco-conscious? You’ll be thrilled to know that this product is made from recycled materials! Plus, the range of colors available ensures there are plenty of aesthetic choices too – so whatever your vision may be, you can make it a reality with composite decking. Although composite decking requires a higher initial investment, the longterm benefits make it worth every penny – no more frequent repairs or replacements! Plus, all you need to do is give it an occasional wipe-down and your composite deck will stay looking fabulous.

    Wood Decking

    Enhance your outdoor living space with wood decking for a classic and sophisticated look. The hardwood texture, range of colors, and lasting durability make it an ideal choice; all you need to do is treat the surface regularly for protection from decay. Wood decking will create an attractive environment that you’ll be proud of showing off – year after year! Plus, there are numerous types of woods available too so you can find one perfect for your needs. Pressure-treated pine is a wallet-friendly, yet resilient solution for wood decking and fencing as it resists rot, decay, and insect damage. For those wanting something more luxurious (but costly), Ipe or Brazilian walnut may be the right fit; this dense hardwood naturally repels insects and rotting. Lastly there’s cedar —a lightweight yet solid softwood that is invulnerable to degradation, weather weariness and bug devastation—ideal for outdoor furniture or floorboards.

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    Deck Staining

    Deck staining is the key to reviving your wooden deck and introducing a personal flair to it. The stain infuses into the top layer of wood which instantly alters its color; providing an eye-catching effect that’s bound to have people admiring your workmanship. Frequent staining safeguards your deck against deterioration, like rotting or discolorization due to intense weather conditions. To make sure that the stain endures longer and offers protection for your outdoor space, proper treatment & sealing are mandatory! Transform your outdoor living space by customizing your wood deck with our premier staining services. You can make it look exactly the way you want and ensure years of lasting enjoyment!


    Pool Decking

    Pool decking is a fantastic way to both stylize and upgrade your pool area. It’s the perfect transition between your garden and pool, as well as offering space for furnishings or pergolas. Customizable to fit whatever size you need, it’s so easy to make it completely unique! To safeguard against deterioration from exposure, consider adding Cool Deck coatings – you won’t regret it!Give your concrete an extra layer of protection to avoid any deterioration caused by weather and wear. With pool decking, you can achieve a unified and elegant look that will bring all the outdoor elements together.

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    A custom pergola or arbor can take your outdoor space to the next level, adding sophistication and shade in one fell swoop. Not only do these stunning structures provide a cabana-like atmosphere for relaxation and storage of patio furniture & pool toys, but they are also incredibly flexible with varying levels of visibility available depending on what you need from them! Plus, you have the choice between building it onto an existing deck structure or within any open area – making them ideal no matter the size or shape of your backyard. Enjoying some sunshine has never been easier; invest in a beautiful pergola/arbor today for all year round bliss.

    Screened Porches

    Enjoying nature doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort and convenience; with a screened porch, you can have both! By adding screens, you’re able to keep pesky insects out of your space while still utilizing the beauty of being outdoors. Furthermore, this type of outdoor living area allows for more control over temperature despite changing weather conditions – making it easier than ever before to relax in style. So if cozy furniture or potted plants are what you crave in an outdoor setting without compromising comfort levels, then a screened porch is exactly what you need!

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    Greer Deck Builder

    Upgrade your backyard living area with our professional home renovation and deck building service. Our team of construction experts serves Greer, as well as surrounding areas – you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to enhancing your outdoor space! With endless inspiration from us plus the added convenience of expert guidance, making an informed decision about improving your property is easier than ever before. Get in touch today for a consultation or more information about what we offer!

    Don’t delay in taking advantage of our top-notch services today! Just fill out the contact form on our website to easily receive a free quote for your project. We’ll be sure to get back to you swiftly, so don’t wait any longer – take advantage of what we have to offer now.