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Elite Decks in Simpsonville, South Carolina is a family-owned and operated deck builder and home renovation company that specializes in providing quality outdoor spaces. Our team of certified professionals have the skills necessary to design beautiful custom decks, railings, and screened porches tailored specifically for you. We prioritize safety during construction by adhering to all building codes and safety regulations so your space will be both stunning and safe.

Not only do we construct decks from the ground up, but our team of experts also specialize in staining services to preserve the exterior and prolong its lifespan. Our craftsmen have been trained on how to apply stains crafted for decking specifically — helping fend off water damage, intense sunlight, wood rot and discoloration alike.

At Elite Decks in Simpsonville, we specialize in providing exceptional home renovation services that are both dependable and of the highest quality. Our mission is to not only meet your expectations aesthetically but also ensure they are met functionally as well. We want you to be able to take pleasure in a safe outdoor living space now and for years down the road!

About Us

For all your deck building needs, Elite Decks in Simpsonville, SC is the ideal choice. As a licensed contractor, we specialize in constructing high-grade decks of exceptional quality at extremely competitive prices for both residential and commercial properties alike. Furthermore, our wide array of services covers everything from installation to repair work—and includes pool enclosures and sun rooms as well as home renovation services like porch building or patio covers!

At Elite Decks in Simpsonville, we are passionate about enhancing outdoor spaces for our customers. Our exclusive Cool Deck option is designed to keep your feet cool and comfortable on the hottest summer days by providing a unique concrete surface solution. Whether you need residential or commercial deck services, look no further than Elite Decks!

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    Our Deck Services

    Elite Decks of Simpsonville proudly creates stunning outdoor spaces tailored to meet each customer’s needs. Our crews are highly trained and experienced in building wrap-around decks, custom railings, low-level platforms and screened porches with only the finest materials for strength, stability and longevity. To add a touch of style to your space we also offer a variety of staining options for wood or composite decking that will protect it from harsh UV rays or water damage. In addition, specialized techniques can be employed by our professionals so you have a cool retreat during those hot summer days!

    We take exceptional care with every detail, and prioritize safety by adhering to all Simpsonville building codes on each job. We work alongside you throughout the process of realizing your vision for an outdoor space; we understand that budget and timing are important to you too! Furthermore, due to our access to only the best materials available in town; you can be sure that no matter how large or intricate a project is – we’ve got what it takes to deliver fantastic results without fail.

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    Composite Decking

    For those seeking an enduring, low-upkeep decking material, composite decking is a great choice. Composite decks are able to withstand any climate condition and don’t need sanding or staining to remain in top shape. With varied color options available for these eco-friendly installations (made with recycled materials), you can find the perfect look that complements your outdoor living space. Plus, it’s easy maintenance! Investing in composite decking may have a higher upfront cost, yet you will reap the benefits with no need to continuously repair or replace due to its durability. To keep your composite deck looking as good as new, only occasional cleaning is required! In the long run, this investment definitely pays off and saves money over frequent repairs and replacements.

    Wood Decking

    If you’re looking to add a classic, timeless aesthetic to your outdoor space, wood decking is the ideal choice. With its beautiful hardwood texture and customizable staining options, it can lend an air of sophistication to any area. Additionally, this highly durable material can last for years with proper care – such as treating and sealing the wood in order to protect against rot over time. Invest in wood decking today for a stunning outdoor space that’ll turn heads! When building your deck, there are various types of wood to consider. Pressure-treated pine is a cost-effective solution that withstands rot and insects for a long time, while Ipe or Brazilian walnut is dense, durable hardwood and naturally immune to those two problems – albeit it comes with a much heftier price tag. Cedar on the other hand – though being an expensive softwood option – will provide you with lighter weight but impressive longevity as well as resistance against decay and bugs.

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    Deck Staining

    Elevate the overall look of your wood deck with a personal touch by staining it! This process requires applying quality stain to its top layer, which penetrates and alters its color. Regular staining will not only maintain the beauty of your deck but also protect it from any kind of weathering-induced harm like discoloration or rotting. To make sure that this protection endures for longer, proper treatment and sealing are crucial steps in creating an effective shield against deterioration. Transform your outdoor deck into a custom masterpiece with our top-notch deck staining services. With this service, you’ll be able to show off the beauty of your wood deck for many years!

    Pool Decking

    Pool decking is an ideal way to bring sophistication and practicability to your swimming area. It offers a secure connection between the pool location and the surrounding environment while simultaneously providing space for furniture, pergolas, or whatever else you desire. What’s more? You can design it in any size that satisfies your taste! To ensure your concrete pool decking remains in pristine condition for years to come, you should think about applying Cool Deck coatings. Not only will this help protect against wear and tear from the elements, but it can also add a touch of luxury and style to your outdoor space. With its great aesthetic value, Cool Deck coating is an excellent choice if you want to bring together all aspects of your backyard into one cohesive look.

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    Pergolas and arbors are custom-designed features that can instantly add both beauty and shade to your outdoor space. Whether you prefer a more open or private feel, these structures will provide the perfect spot for storing patio furniture while creating an inviting atmosphere in which to relax. With varying levels of visibility available, they can be incorporated onto decks or even set up separately in open areas; plus, they’ll give you the luxury of enjoying peaceful moments beneath the sun whenever it pleases you!

    Screened Porches

    If you desire to take pleasure in the natural beauty of your surroundings without being exposed to the elements, a screened porch is an excellent remedy. A screen prevents insects from getting inside while also making it easier for you to control the temperature than if you were outdoors. Not only can this space be outfitted with furniture, plants and décor for stunning appeal but its versatility will keep you comfortable no matter what Mother Nature throws at us!

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    Simpsonville Deck Builder

    If you want to make your outdoor living space something truly special, our professional home renovation and deck building service is here for you. Our experienced team of builders proudly serves customers in Simpsonville, SC and beyond with quality craftsmanship and plenty of style. We are more than happy to provide consultation or lend advice on the best products that suit your needs – just reach out using our website’s contact form! Plus, we offer free quotes so there won’t be any surprises along the way; simply fill out the form to get yours today! Stop delaying and start enjoying your upgraded outdoor space now with Elite Decks in Simpsonville. Our services are second-to-none, so why wait any longer?