Why Build a Pergola?

If you’re located in and around Greenville, SC and are thinking of adding pergolas or an arbor to your outdoor oasis, we have the perfect solution for you! With an array of designs varying from minimal visibility to prominent features, our custom-built pergolas will meet all your expectations. Constructed with fine materials that resist rot and fading like wood or other treatments – these creations can be added right onto your deck or attached externally as another covered porch area providing ample shade for those hot summer days.


Before you proceed with installing a pergola, it’s imperative to know what size and location would work best for your setting. To make sure this is achieved correctly, we suggest consulting one of our deck building contractors who can aid in assessing the size and space of your deck while also taking into consideration both budget and desired placement.


Are you looking to add a touch of style and shade to your outdoor area? Well, look no further! Our custom-built pergolas provide the perfect solution for any home. Whether it’s an attached design against your house or detached on your deck, we have something that fits both taste and budget. We offer various levels of visibility based off sun exposure preferences too; just let us know what kind of shading you’re looking for so our team can craft the perfect pergola tailored specifically to you.

Building Materials

Whether you are looking for something cost-effective or luxurious, building a pergola can be achieved through the use of wood, aluminum, vinyl and concrete. If you desire more professional results though deck materials such as composite lumber and Trex may be suitable alternatives. With so many options available to choose from it’s easy to find the right material that fits your budget and desired style.


Budgeting is key when constructing a pergola, allowing you to reap the benefits of your structure without breaking the bank. Your spending plan will decide what materials are used, how big it should be and where it should be situated. A freestanding pergola usually costs more than other types because they need to be built as self-sufficient constructions from ground level up. With the addition of a pergola to your home, you can transform an outdoor area into something special! However, it’s important for the structure to meet all local building standards in order to protect not only the structural integrity and aesthetic of your residence but also neighboring landscape. All these elements will come together when exploring budget options for installing a pergola on or near your house.

If you’re dreaming of adding a gorgeous pergola or arbor to your Greenville property, call us today and let’s chat about your project while scheduling a free estimate.

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