Why Build a Pool Deck?

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Upgrade your outdoor space and elevate the aesthetic of your pool area by installing elegant pool decking. With composite or real wood to choose from, you can find a material that suits both your style and budget. Not only will a beautiful pool deck improve the visual appeal of your Greenville property, but it also offers additional safety features and convenience when accessing the swimming area.

Best Materials for Your Pool Deck

If you’re looking for the best pool decking material to fit your needs and budget, look no further! Structural woods like treated wood with a rot prevention solution applied are ideal materials for long term durability. For those seeking an aesthetically pleasing option that is resistant to water damage and fading from sunlight exposure, Trex Deck or composite woods offer both beauty and practicality. Ultimately, it’s up to you which choice works best to meet your vision!

Water-resistant Decking

For the utmost resilience and extended life near a pool, synthetic decking materials are your best bet. Not only do they provide greater value for their money, but also require less upkeep than natural wood decks. Nonetheless, if you decide to go with hardwood for your outdoor area or terrace space, we advise coating it with a solution that will fortify it from water damage due to its susceptibly towards rot.


For optimal maintenance, the type of pool deck material you choose matters. Natural wood must be carefully maintained and treated often to resist rot and pests, while composite or synthetic materials require minimal upkeep but may benefit from periodic power washing to retain their color and radiance. If your wooden deck is in a state of disrepair, we can also help restore it!


With a range of materials to choose from for your pool decking, you can select the best option to suit both your budget and desired look. Whether it’s wood, tiles or concrete that tickles your fancy; we’ve got what you need! If you do decide on wood as the material for your pool decking, why not enhance its appearance with a coat of stain? It won’t affect the strength or integrity of the timber but will change up its color – perfect if you’re wanting an extra personal touch. As well as this though don’t forget about investing in preventing rot and re-staining periodically to keep it looking fresh year after year.

If you are looking for a qualified and experienced deck builder in the Greenville area, then look no further! We specialize in crafting custom pool decks that bring your vision to life. Reach out today to secure your free consultation with us – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

pool decking - Elite Decks

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